Used Car Dealership Appraisal Tool | Provision | vAuto

The Appraising tool from vAuto helps used auto dealerships appraise cars by telling them what other vehicles are selling for based on your live market

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How do you reset the clock on a Mercedes s430?

Access your time and date change function in the COMAND function part of your stereo. When you turn on the stereo there will be a setting button on.

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Dealerships Rip You Off With The "Four-Square," Here's …

Former used car salesman Alan Slone grows a conscience and reveals one of the major strategies dealership use to screw you when buying a new car. At the heart of…

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Fewer people bought second-hand motors last year | …

Sales of second-hand cars fell 1.1 per cent last year as the car-buying slump hit the used as well as the new market, official data showed today.

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